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We say training a new puppy is just like training a new crawling baby…. you don’t take their Nappy off and let them crawl all over the house pooping and weeing and pulling everything over……………..

Training your new puppy in this pen for the 1st couple of months helps to prevent the 5 bad habits a new Puppy does as it is contained in a small area.

Helps prevent Weeing & Pooping – A they are learning to Wee and Poop on their Puppy Pad & NOT all over your house.

Chewing – As they can Only Chew their own Toys in their Pen. – so later on will hopefully NOT chew your nice new heels or favourite comfy shoes.

Biting – As they have their Pigs Ears and Chew Toys to teeth on in their Pen. – so no puppy needle like teeth chewing at your ankles.

Barking – If they bark they are in their pen you can indicate to them a loud AhAh noise to get their attention to NOT Bark – so you are not chasing them around the house telling them NOT to Bark.