About Our Puppy Policy

We have been part of the Pet Industry since 1999 and have been giving specialised service, advice and information relating to the purchase of your new puppy. We helped pioneer the specialised concept relating to the purchase of a puppy in Queensland.

Dog ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your lifetime, a new puppy or dog can add many hours of pleasure and joy to your family's life. However before you purchase a new puppy you must realize that it will be a lifetime commitment so make sure you research and ask as many questions as you can. Owning a puppy will require financial, emotional and lifestyle change so please do not rush into it too lightly, they will be a part of your family on average for about 12 years.

All of our puppies come Vaccinated, Wormed, Flea treated, Heartwormed, Microchipped and Puppy Palace feeds all the pups on the "Advance" premium puppy biscuits. They all come with a Free After Purchase Vet check, a 7 day health Guarantee, (only from our nominated vet) - Compton Road Veterinary Surgery, (07) 3711 3100, as this is pre paid for by Puppy Palace). We also provide you with a 30 day Pet Insurance which for illness takes 7 days from time of activation to be effective, and has an accident/injury covered after 3 days from time of acctivation. (This takes effect once we lodge the new Pet Insurance application onto the computer - you, the client will also receive an email from the insurance company with all the details). As pups that fly leave our control we cannot/do not provide a health guarantee with these pups. These pups go through different sets of hands and flights can also stress a puppy.

Our professional staff will make every step of purchasing the new edition to your family as easy a transition as possible by educating you about Toilet Training, Feeding, Health Requirements, Toys, Bedding, etc. Puppy Palace provides all new owners with an informative take home folder containing all of this information.

We are also available 7 Days A Week. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

Puppy Palace provides a one-stop shop that offers a unique display of puppies for sale and an extensive range of products for your new family member. You will find our staff both warm, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

We here at Puppy Palace "DO NOT" support PUPPY FARMS "substandard breeders"! If we did we would not have been in business since January 1999. We care about the health and welfare of all of our puppies and work closely in conjunction with Compton Road Veterinary Surgery, (07) 3711 3100. Our shop does not have/nor do we support the "doggy in the window" (Impulse buying), so we are located in an industrial area instead of a shopping centre. Our customers have to source us via the internet and by recomendation from other clients. All of our breeders sign a Stat Dec with their information and details of the puppies sold, this also allows anyone from AWL or the RSPCA to visit their property if inspection is required at any stage and to confirm that they are not an inferior breeder.

When selling a puppy we will spend alot of time with a potential new puppy owner, we educate them and explain how to puppy train a new puppy and how to "puppy proof", the home so that they do not get upset with their new family member. We do this even if the pup is purchased from another shop, the RSPCA or another breeder as we want our customers properly "puppy" educated. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are specialists in our field. We have over 120 individual breeders registered with us so that there is NO over breeding of a particular dog.

The term "Puppy farm" has been hijacked by activists to shake confidence in pet shops and discourage people from owning the dog that they choose. The actual definition of "puppy farm" is a description of a substandard breeding operation with poor hygiene, poor socialisation, and poor management of their breeding stock which can be up to 100 or more breeding bitches.  The real term that is now used is "SUBSTANDARD BREEDERS".
Any form of breeder can come under this description. Any of these would, and should, be closed by the RSPCA and local councils as soon as possible.

The more Substandard Breeders that get shut down is better for all of us; we would not allow our breeders to breed our lovely pups in those kinds of conditions.

Information from people like the RSPCA and the Media about, Puppy Factories is disappointing for the pet industry. Inaccurate information like "50% of all puppies come from Puppy Factories" end up in pet shops (which is NOT true). However, no mention of the 95% of puppies are NOT sold through Pet Shops, i.e. Internet, Trading Post, newspapers,  etc. the RSPCA must realise that without a regulated pet shop industry the welfare of the animals would be 100% worse. It is very frustrating for the ethical pet shop owners like ourselves, when such a major effort is made by us and there is no acknowledgement of our good work.

As we all know we are only allowed up to 2 dogs in a residential yard in Queensland, when we want to breed more dogs we have to create a larger allotment or farm environment.  Most large breeders whether registered breeders or unregistered breeders, and all kennels, have to be checked regularly by their local government and/or usually require yearly renewable breeders permit with their local government.

Our bigger two breeders only have about 15 breeding dogs (not up to 100 like the "substandard breeders", we are seeing on the TV), we also occasionally get our registered pups from CCC registered breeders. Some of these may also breed 15 + bitches.

We also get pups from people like you and me that may have a couple of dogs that may have puppies. The puppies we receive into store are also generally fed on Advance (the best nutrition a pup can get - once pups are booked in with us we tell our breeder to feed the pups and mother on  the advance rehydratable or growth biscuits). Pups and adult dogs are all well looked after by the breeder (many pups are raised in the breeders homes). We just breed what the customer is looking for, which are the cross breeds and a few select pure breeds. CCC registered breeders WILL NOT breed the cross dogs as these cannot be shown in the dog show rings.

"Data provided clearly shows that most pets from SUBSTANDARD breeders are sold through the internet and classifieds". Also beware of scammers.

We also defiantly agree that some breeders are disgusting in their breeding habits and feel that it is also the local councils that collect rates and charge the breeders for having breeding dogs in their respective council shire should control and inspect and regulate those breeders, and the conditions that their dogs are kept in. The Councils should report those breeders who are doing the industry damage.

We will even refer customers to the RSPCA to source a new family member, however, some have young children and want to start with a puppy so they will know the temperament of the dog etc. In most cases the customer returns to us because the RSPCA does not have any pups for sale.

We appreciate you visiting our website and hope that this information will help you in your decision making, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries. We hope to see you in store soon.

We specialize in both small and large breeds, pure and cross. If you are in the market for a dog, Puppy Palace is available to assist you in making the breed choice best suited to your lifestyle and personality. We will spend the time asking the questions that will ensure you make the right decision as to the appropriate breed for you and your family. 

Puppy Palace Pet Shop is: 

  • Committed to the life and welfare of every puppy it sells
  • Committed to ensuring that all of our puppies are inspected by our Veterinarian upon arrival at the store and that they receive all of their immunizations according to the veterinarian guidelines. Also they are wormed and are flea Bathed.
  • Committed to providing a safe, well ventilated, clean and sanitary environment for all of its puppies
  • Committed to inspecting all of its puppies on a daily basis for any concerns related to health care and hygiene and ensuring that any concerns are immediately addressed
  • Committed to monitoring the frequency of puppy handling to support effective puppy socialisation while at the same time preventing the puppy from experiencing any unnecessary stress
  • Committed to assisting all prospective buyers in making the right choice of breed for their lifestyle, whether that breed be large, small mixed breed or pure breed

We sell pups and ALL associated Accessories, Toys, Bedding, Food, Health Products for your new puppy or dog, all at discounted prices, please call us to check prices on all our product range.

You can also consider to ADOPT a RESCUE a dog or puppy from your local RSPCA.

PLEASE NOTE:- A puppy sale instore takes about 1 hour to get through... from first showing the puppy to going through training puppy/raising puppy and filling out all the paperwork... so the last puppy sale must be started 1 hour prior to closing time... ALL OUR PUPS ARE 8 WEEKS OLD AND OVER WHEN THEY ARRIVE INTO STORE... "THE BREEDERS SEND US PHOTOS OF THE PUPS WHEN THEY ARE 6 WEEKS OLD SO CUSTOMERS CAN CHOOSE A PUPPY FROM THE PHOTOS".  (Preferable you DO NOT BRING YOUNG CHILDREN AS they get easily bored and it is hard for you to watch them while our staff are going through a long sale and lots of paperwork).

Our Website is updated daily as pups are sold and booked in. 

Also you can find us instagram@puppypalacebne