Spoodle Puppies (American Cocker Spaniel X Toy Poodle) - Girl. At Puppy Palace, Underwood. for sale in Enoggera, QLD



Spoodle Puppies (American Cocker Spaniel X Toy Poodle) - Girl.
Website address :- www.puppypalace.com.au (if you are looking at this ad on the trading post click the links on the RHS of this page.....

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  • Puppy Palace is open 7 Days a week.

  • 57 compton rd, cnr 1 graham street, underwood, qld, 4119.
  • Phone 07 3808 2880

We can also arrange for your new family member to fly to you anywhere in Australia. They fly in the greatest of comfort and we make all the arrangements for you. The price to fly your puppy also includes the New Airline Crate for you to keep and re-use.
: Purchasing a new puppy is a very big commitment so make sure you do your research and ask lots of questions as they are a 12 – 15 year commitment and a furever family member.bin.0000.341.272.285


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